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Behaviour for Learning

Behaviour for learning at Bucknall Primary is incredibly important. We've spent a significant amount of time developing a framework for children to thrive within, at its heart is developing the skills for life-long learning. 


This has been achieved through systems that are clear for all our learners and staff. 

We have collaborated together as a team to decide what each part of the systems means and how it will look in school. 


First e introduced the 5Rs. 


These are the 5 areas we believe that if mastered will mean we can become life-long learners.

This gives the opportunity for staff to model to the children and give real examples at the point of delivery! 


The 5Rs ask the team at Bucknall to be: 

Ready for learning

Reflective learners

Resilient learners

Resourceful learners

Responsible learners


So, as school we are always looking out for examples of these skills. Supporting the children is a simple colour system that is aspirational for all children. 


The colours go from Red, to Amber, to Green to Silver and finally to Gold. 


Each colour has been discussed with the children and what they look like in each class has been decided with the children. Red was non-negotiable, the children understood that there needed to be a section for children who have struggled with their behaviour, especially if it is quite severe. 


Amber is a warning, it lets the children know that their behaviour is not appropriate and that it will disrupt others and themselves. However, there is the chance to move back to green if the child's behaviour changes for the better. 


Green represents a brilliant day - if you start on green and finish on green you have met the high standards of behaviour and learning at Bucknall School. However, there is an opportunity to exceed this high standard. 


To exceed the high standard set by 'Green' learning. Children need to exhibit one of the 5Rs during their learning. If they show flashes of brilliance within the 5Rs they are inspirational learners, these flashes of brilliance inspire others really quickly and we recognise this learning through awarding silver behaviour. If a child consistently shows over a week or longer a particularly 5R they become aspirational learners this is rewarded through Gold learning. A small prize is given to the child with a certificate, as well as this, the child is celebrated in assembly at the end of the term with another certificate. 


We want our learners to continue to be motivated after receiving a 5R Gold certificate. This is achieved by requiring the children to aim for a different 5R to excel in. This provides the opportunity for children to develop new skills and consolidate them. We are yet to have a child receive gold learning for everyone of the 5Rs so the children see this as the pinnacle of learning to get gold in all 5R areas. 


If you would like to discuss the behaviour for learning system in school, please contact the school. Some parents have requested to have a similar system at home, this is something we can help facilitate and can even support you in making resources to have physically in the home to prompt. Smaller versions of these prompts can be made for when you are travelling so we can ensure consistent expectations at all times.