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Class 2


Welcome to Class 2!

Hello and welcome to Class 2!

At present we have 26 children in our class, with children from year 3 all the way up to year 6. It is a fantastic place to learn and that is down to the fantastic attitudes of children in our class. They are always willing to help, advise and assist when they can. But most importantly, they love to learn with a huge smile on their face!


We have got a HUGE term ahead of us, with lots of fun and exciting things happening. Our new topic 'Alchemy Island' has already taken over our classroom! Entering our class is usually a spooky experience, but with skulls and wizards guarding our door, it is even more terrifying now! Ahead, we have many scientific experiments, and opportunities to explore different areas as we make our way around alchemy island.


Throughout the term, I shall upload links to  useful websites and pictures of the happenings in our fantastic class. So don't forget to keep up to date with what's going on in KS2.