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Outstanding comments from Ofsted...

The school was inspected in November 2012. We are delighted that despite a new, tougher, Ofsted framework being introduced in September all areas in the school were graded ‘good’ or better. No aspects of the school were satisfactory! As it is a new Ofsted framework the reports reads very different from the previous style, focusing a lot more on specific areas.

The headlines are: we are a good school where all teaching is at least good if not outstanding! Ofsted focus very closely on reading and phonics skills, many children were heard to read and lessons were observed, the findings were:‘Pupils make an excellent start to learning to read because these skills are taught exceptionally well. Across the school, pupils read widely, both for pleasure and for information... The teaching of early reading skills [Phonics] is outstanding. This ensures that pupils make a fast start in learning to read and contributes to the above-average standards.’

The behaviour and safety of our pupils is outstanding, this also includes their attitudes to learning. The report goes as far to say ‘Pupils behave impeccably... Pupils have no concerns about bullying.’

Our achievement is good, in fact in Reading and Writing it is outstanding and Maths it is good and still improving. The report acknowledges this and states ‘the proportion of Year 6 pupils making better than expected progress wasmuch higher than that found nationally.’

The leadership and management of the school is outstanding. This rating is given to the work of the governors, subject leaders as well as the headteacher. The report shows how there is ‘an interesting and exciting programme of lessons... there is a strong emphasis on promoting pupils’ personal development, particularly their independence, and ensuring that they are verywell placed for the next stage of their education.’

It is really encouraging that the report acknowledges: Pupils enjoy school very much... Teachers provide well for the mixed-age and mixed-ability classes...Staff work very well together to identify and tackle weaknesses... Teachers have high expectations of pupils’ potential..

The inspector commented that ‘Systems to check on and improve the quality of teaching and learning are extremely thorough,’ and he agreed with the schools own development plan, that to be completely outstanding we need to make maths outstanding. The report does acknowledge that the progress in mathematics ‘is now good’ and we are on our way to be outstanding in all areas because: ‘Steps to improve the teaching of mental mathematics arebearing fruit. Pupils enjoy the brisk, lively and regular sessions, and their confidence in calculating mentally is high... But it is still too soon to see the full impact of recent initiatives.’

Again thank you for your support and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the school.

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