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Assessment in Primary schools has changed radically. We have moved away from levels to a system that assesses children in relation to the new age-related expectation of the new national curriculum. 


Whilst we transition to the new system there will be some terms used from the old system. This is associated to the progress that children make from KS1 to KS2. 


The DfE have supported schools to calculate equivalence between the old and new system and as a result we now have two (like before) measures: one is for progress the other for attainment. 


Progress is the achievement a child has made between two points in time. For KS2 this is measured from the end of Y2 (KS1) and Y6 (KS2). For KS1 this is from Reception (EYFS). 


Typically a child that has had expected progress leaves a Key Stage at an equivalent level. For example, if a child leaves Y2 as an expected child and then leaves Y6 as an expected child then this child has made expected progress, this will give the child a progress score of 0. If a child exceeds their end of Key Stage expectation then they will have a positive progress score and likewise if they make less than expected progress they make a negative score.


Due to the changes in the curriculum the national targets are currently to be above -5 in reading and mathematics and -7 in writing. These negative scores reflect the new expectations within the curriculum. 


Attainment is the achievement a child makes against the expectations for that year group. If a child 'meets the expected standard' for Y6 then that child has secured the relevant standard for the end of KS2. If below the expected standard a child would be graded as 'working towards the expected standard'; if above then the child would be 'working at greater depth within the expected standards'


This grade of 'working at greater depth within the expected standard' allows children to show their flair and talents at a subject without asking the child to sit another test (old Level 6 paper). This is a positive change in the assessment of children in England. 


Our results from last year can be found here: CLICK LINK


We are disappointed with our results from last year and as a result have made significant changes to our curriculum and teaching approaches to reflect the demands of the new curriculum. The results of this have been fantastic and we are forecasting strong results inline with previous years achievements. 


If you wish to discuss the results and performance of the school then please do not hesitate to contact the headteacher, Mr J Lane, for further information. 





Please note that due to small cohort our results are not always published to preserve the confidentiality of individuals.